I DEAL is a life skills intervention that combines creative activities with games and group discussions to build the resilience and improve the coping skills of children and young people to better ‘deal’ with their daily lives.

The intervention is made up of 6 themes addressed in 6 modules and is designed to be led by 2 facilitators who are familiar with the methodology. The intervention is conducted with a group of children who follow the modules together.

The I DEAL modules are:

  1. Identity and Assessment
  2. Dealing with Emotions
  3. Peer Relations
  4. Relationships with Adults
  5. Conflict and Peace
  6. The Future
Each module consists of two to five (90 minute) sessions which build upon each other. In each session, the group of children or young people engages in a combination of activities - such as drama, visual arts, games and group discussions. These activities are designed to allow children and young people to explore important issues in their lives and learn how to better cope with them. Home assignments are integrated into the sessions, stimulating the participants to practise new insights and skills in their daily lives.

In each of the I DEAL modules you will find an introduction to the theme for the facilitator, prefacing the step-by-step session plans.